Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Beauty tips provided by myself are simple and usable in day to day life.  Beauty is an asset not only right in your face but also in your behaviour, attitude and scores of other things which you can think of.

Blemishes and dark spots.
Even when you do not have the time to spend on any more make up, you can use a ever bilena concealer stick to cover up or conceal spots and dark circles usually found under your eyes. You can mask the above with powder make up as well. This concealing of marks on your face can be achieved by spending less than two minutes of time. For decreasing the redness on the marks on your face, you can apply visine eye drops. Follow this beauty tip by applying the concealer.

You can apply Ever Bilena mascara on your eyes in a couple of moments or so. This will high light your eyes by giving more definition to your eye lashes. The mascara you apply should be complementary to the clothes you wear and it needs to be dusted softly to bring your eyes out. Eye color can be applied in a few moments as well. If you do not have enough time to put eye color, mascara by itself is good enough.

Applying some tinted or flavored lip gloss will give your lips a soft and kissable look. You can attract much more attention to your lips by the use of lipstick or lipstain from Ever Bilena. Either one of these make up and beauty products will improve your look and feel a lot.

beauty tips on hair care to get that bouncing beautiful hair. You should have a few hair pins, clips and decorative sticks always available. You can twist your hair up and pin it back in less than thirty seconds with the help of some hair accessories. In order to keep your hair in position, you can use non sticky hair spray or spray gel.

The last step before hitting your car is to apply some perfume or body spray. By following these quick beauty tips, you can complete your make up every morning in less than 10 minutes. You can add your own steps in to this plan in order to suit your personal tastes as well.

Simple steps but it will last long and make you look beautiful. 

Thank to EVER BILENA for making these things Happen